Ahella construction company

A way to a wonderful home

Our Mission

Our Mission is your comfort, some of our work is Contracting works (construction, building, finishes and decorations) and telecommunications towers construction works, we carefully choose our workers to take care of your home and your office as we care about choosing the designs that make you feel that your place is a piece of paradise

little of our work

Home entrance


Pool garden

Facade of the house

CEO Word

Mr/Mohamed ElFayed

First I want to talk about the problem that made me think to start this business when I want to start building my home or my office it was difficult to call someone to do something and call another one to do another thing and them don't have the same vision so my solution was to collect all of them as a team and start thinking as one person to find solutions together and finish work without any issues and make it finish in the best way at the best time.